LED: The “Light Emitting Diode”

The LED light first appeared in electronic components in 1962 as low-intensity infrared lights in such things as remote controls. Today, modern LEDs come in every color in the spectrum and are used not only in high-end commercial and industrial applications, but are now the energy efficient choice for everyday lighting in the home and office. Whether your need is for more light to read or superior illumination for inspection of manufacturing processes, LED lighting has a solution for you.


LED lighting differs from the previous commonly used fluorescent lighting in many ways. Fluorescent bulbs are characteristically high in wattage, emit heat, break very easily, and contain harmful chemicals. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED lighting is very environmentally friendly and cost-effective to the consumer. LED bulbs are long lasting, with a life expectancy 25 to 50 times longer than other bulbs, meaning you don’t have to replace them as often which saves money and cuts down on waste; they are durable and able to withstand jarring without damage due to having no filament like fluorescent bulbs. 


LED bulbs emit no heat, as the heat is absorbed into a heat sink which keeps the bulbs from overheating and burning out, which results in both saving energy from being wasted and from attracting bugs. LED bulbs also emit no radiation or waves that are harmful to vegetation, and they have lower CO2 emissions than their fluorescent counterparts which reduces air and water pollution. LED bulbs are safer than alternatives like fluorescents, which contain chemicals such as mercury. Once a fluorescent bulb breaks mercury escapes as a vapor, which can settle into carpets or drapes. Many companies are required to evacuate the area if a fluorescent tube breaks, air out the location, and shut down ventilation to prevent the spread of the harsh vapor. Mercury vapor inhalation or exposure can cause severe rashes and weight loss, and should never be in direct contact with the skin. LED bulbs rarely break, and won’t cause harmful side effects if they do.

LED Lighting Crew is working as a TradeAlly Partner with with Alliant Energy and MidAmerican Energy electric companies through their rebate programs to deliver highly efficient top quality lighting at a very reasonable cost. We look forward to working with you to secure all your lighting needs.