LED: Why Switch?

CFLs are no longer the most efficient light bulb.  

“Now, the industrial giant General Electricis saying farewell to the compact fluorescent light, or CFL. The company said on Monday that it would stop making and selling the bulbs in the United States by the end of the year.”
 Check out this article in the New York Times:
“Today in the U.S. there are some 60 million of those cobrahead streetlamps blazing pink-peach all night long, heedless of inactivity below and absurdly lighting the sky above. Forty percent of the average city’s electric bill goes to street lighting, and close to half of that is wasted. Excessive outdoor lighting, including exterior fixtures on office and industrial buildings, wastes about $3.5 billion in energy per year, according to the International Dark-Sky Association, a not-for-profit that works to reduce light pollution.”
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How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities





“A subsequent report declared that by 2025, solid-state lighting could save 217 terawatt hours (TWh), which would equate to a one-third reduction of current energy consumption in America, yielding bottom line savings of $21.7 billion.”
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